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Our Story

Since 2016, Big Hat Travel LLC has been a provider of non-emergency medical transportation, serving hospitals, clinics, private care facilities, and more. We are established based on the sole purpose to give back to communities and also to provide services to those who are in need of a quality and reliable 24/7 Transportation Service. Big Hat Travel LLC is the corporate office for BHT LLC, BHS LLC, and A+ Care Link Staffing Agency. The tenants of our facility include Park and Fly Shuttle Services, ISCafe Uhaul Authorized Dealer and Services, Big Hat Global Travel Consolidators, and ATLAS Shippers, and Laundry Facilities. Our team comes with an intensive background including CNAs, care managers, EMTs, 911 dispatchers, behavioral health teachers, transportation coordinators, correction facility staff members, educational teachers and instructors, safety inspectors and instructors, and professional drivers. Currently, we serve a greater portion of the Western Region of Wisconsin and are constantly extending our coverage areas in all of the surrounding states.

Our company is known for its extensive experience in the transportation industry with excellent services to clients and to our wide network of providers. We specialize in providing transportation services for stretcher-bound bariatric patients, bariatric wheelchair transports, and secured behavioral health transports. Our staff understands the needs of individuals with chronic health conditions or disabilities which face challenges in getting experienced and professionally trained transportation providers. Our shared core values and Good Business Practices help provide services with Excellence for the Patients and the Clients to have a better “Patient and Client Experience.” Our partnerships have shared business agreements and contracts that help deliver optimum healthcare experiences with trained professional staff. As such, we strive to be your trusted healthcare transportation partner by taking you to and from your important medical appointments.

Meet Our Founder

Jack Curry II, the founder of Big Hat Travel LLC, has more than a decade of experience in the transportation industry and holds a Degree in Occupational Health and Safety.

Our Mission

It is our mission to offer fast, reliable, and innovative non-emergency medical transportation services to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction possible in the communities we serve.

Customers are raving about us and the quality of our reliable services within your local communities. As a Driver or any other Staff Member of BHT, you get to experience priceless moments with your passengers, their families, and care providers.

Comments and Quotes to live by which are from the owner of Big Hat Travel LLC:

“I have shared countless and priceless moments with passengers and their families, which has influenced me to share caring inspirations and prayers in helping those in need with their challenges.”

“We must give understanding to the things that which we do not know and be compassionate to experiences that we have not experienced; everyone is important and everyone matters. Therefore, “Always Choose to Make a Difference & Make a Difference in What You Choose!”
– (JCURRY, 2012)

NOW HIRING!!! Higher Wages than other competitors; we care about our passengers and our employees.

Come JOIN our Family-Owned Business where we believe in an Equal Balance with Work and Life.

We are looking for Employees who care about people and who want to have an opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. Our drivers get paid to wait and we do not treat our clients as a number. We treat them like family and ensure that they are not abandoned at any appointment. Big Hat Travel LLC was opened to give back to communities and to help people who are in need.

“We Make a Difference When & Where it Counts, Each and Every Day”

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